Ardmore: Where History Meets Nostalgia

Welcome to Ardmore, Oklahoma, where rich history intertwines with nostalgic charm. Situated in Carter County, Ardmore serves as the vibrant heart of South Central Oklahoma, offering an array of cultural, historical, and recreational attractions for visitors and residents alike.

Explore Our Rich Heritage

Founded in the late 19th century, Ardmore boasts a storied past that has shaped its identity as a thriving community. From its origins as a frontier town to its emergence as a hub of commerce and industry, Ardmore’s history is as diverse as it is fascinating. Explore the city’s heritage through captivating exhibits at the Greater Southwest Historical Museum, where artifacts and displays provide insight into Ardmore’s pioneering spirit and resilience.

Step Back in Time

Stroll down Ardmore’s historic Main Street and immerse yourself in the charm of yesteryear. Discover restored storefronts housing locally-owned boutiques, antique shops, and quaint cafes, offering a delightful blend of old-world charm and modern convenience. Don’t miss Cloverleaf Antiques and Imports, a treasure trove of colorful curios and eccentric finds that beckon the curious explorer.

Embrace Culture and Creativity

Ardmore’s cultural scene is as vibrant as it is diverse, with various arts and entertainment venues waiting to be explored. Marvel at the architectural splendor of the Santa Fe Train Depot, a beloved landmark that still welcomes travelers to Ardmore today. Delve into the world of music at One Truth Studio & Vintage Music, where vintage instruments and recording spaces ignite creativity and inspiration.

Experience Natural Beauty

Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and natural wonders, Ardmore offers ample opportunities for outdoor adventure. Embark on a scenic hike to Collings Castle at Turner Falls, a fascinating monument nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of Honey Creek. Explore Lake Murray State Park, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts featuring hiking trails, fishing spots, and camping facilities.

Indulge in Local Flavor

Savor the flavors of Ardmore at its eclectic eateries and local restaurants, where farm-fresh ingredients and southern hospitality reign supreme. From homestyle comfort food to innovative culinary creations, Ardmore’s dining scene offers something for every palate.

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